Thursday, May 19, 2016

Always Remember

This poem is dedicated to my husband, David, on our 26th wedding anniversary
Happy Anniversary, Honey! 
We've got this! 

Always Remember

Remember when you hesitantly asked me to dance?
Surprising you with "Yes"
Looking up into your face
which always reminds me of The Man in the Moon
glowing, open and kind
we awkwardly swayed side to side 
attempting to make small talk over the blaring music

Watching your lips as you spoke
my eyes traveled nervously 
from your mouth
to your feet
back and forth
back and forth

You wore cowboy boots
and I wondered
if you listened 
to country music
The thought amused me
and years later
when I was cleaning out our closet
I came across those same boots
unworn for many years 
turned up at the toes and misshapen
I shook my head
laughingly tossing your forgotten boots in the donation box
Now I almost wish I had kept them...

After our dance
I didn't think about you at all
and not because you didn't interest me
You did...
I forgot because I was scared to want you
Wanting hurt

Calling me two weeks later
asking me to dinner
your voice sounded both shy and hopeful 
and although afraid to say yes this time
I didn't have the heart or will to refuse

Walking down the aisle 
toward you, and a life together
I was petrified, but so in love
Looking into your sweet blue eyes
I silently begged you to see
See me
See us

Loving together
our four baby boys
sleepless nights
summer days
teasing laughter
worried minds
hospital stays
passionate love
occasional misunderstandings 
You are still my favorite companion and friend

"Yes, I will forever"

always remember...

Angela Minard 2016©