Friday, May 7, 2021

On Display

I’m weary of being on display
for others to assess
inside these walls of my home
as well as when I am brave enough
to cast shadows along the sidewalks
to be vulnerable within a community 
in which at times I feel like an unwanted outsider
my heart often beating wildly outside of my chest
as if wanting to escape the cage of my ribs

and yet there is a steely determination 
to bring YOU
even for a brief moment 
into my world
a desire to speak my truth 
even if it causes myself 
and everyone around me discomfort

My shadows are your shadows
if only you could have enough courage to see 
the mirror of my suffering
to meet my unwavering gaze 

Dare yourself not to look away!

To grow together in love

Angela Minard 2021©