Friday, February 29, 2008

The End Of A Crazy Work Week

Ahhhh!!! The end of a crazy work week! There has been so much tension between staff members, and entirely too much drama for me. It makes me very uncomfortable when people can't get along. Especially when it is adults behaving like children. I'm looking forward to a peaceful weekend with my family. Dave and I just returned from our Friday evening Sam's Club date to stock up on groceries. We are in dire need of a "real" date night. We haven't been out by ourselves since before I left for Renfrew. We were supposed to go out tomorrow night, but Roman's basketball party was scheduled for that night, so hopefully we can go out next weekend. We rented a movie for tonight, and I'm already wrapped up in the new quilt that my awesome friend, Theresa made for me. Time to relax!