Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mother And Son Movie Night

Roman and I in our scarfs.
Last night I went to Mother-Son movie night at Roman's school. Every year they host a movie night, where they serve pizza, and then there is a choice of four different movies to watch. We then go cram into a classroom, sit on the floor, and watch the movie. This year we watched Transformers. At least this year, Roman actually sat with me. Last year we walked into the school, he found his friends, and I never saw him again! We had a good time, and I finished knitting his scarf while I was watching the movie. He was so happy that it was finished. This morning when he came down for breakfast, he had it wrapped around his neck. He had slept with it on all night.
My Baby!

This morning we went to watch Roman play in his basketball tournament. He did a great job, and scored two baskets. His team won the game, so he will also be playing tomorrow. Way to go Vipers!

It has been a really enjoyable day. This afternoon I snuggled up with Dave in the big leather chair and fell asleep for awhile. I love to snuggle and snooze! Other than that, not much going on. It is still very cold here, but is supposed to warm up some tomorrow.Tonight we are all going to stay cozy and warm here at home, and probably watch a movie.
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!
Much love,