Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Updated Post


The comment about my weight gain from a co-worker today really threw me off balance for a little while, but I think I recovered quite well! This happened right after I had just finished a nice, healthy lunch, and the thought of not eating for the rest of the day did cross my mind. Later this evening, I was able to share the incident with my husband, which in and of itself is an accomplishment. I would usually keep something like this to myself, mostly out of shame and embarrassment, but instead, I was able to tell him about it, and just giving it a voice seemed to be enough to get me through. Tonight I made omelets for dinner, and even sat down and ate one myself:)


Me said...

Thanks for are opening up more.

When you spoke to me at our first encounter your voice captured me like a mythical siren luring and pulling me in. I find myself longing to hear it with no less eager anticipation than the first time. I may not remember conversations but the song of your voice burns in my heart. It's a connection between you and me that is only ours.
Talk to me, I may not hear you but I am listening.

KC Elaine said...

way to not let a comment send you into relapse - that's something to be proud of!