Saturday, April 17, 2010

Far Away

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Far Away

The empty ache
of missing someone
...of missing the parts of them
that you will never know.
...of knowing that soon
you will again be strangers,
worlds no longer colliding.
Was there a point
to the impact?
Did I make a difference
to you?

The waning of the moon,
the changing of the tides.
It is all about timing.
Our paths crossing
at the wrong time
or maybe
it was the right time.
There is a meaning,
obscure for now.

I do know
that already,
I'm missing you.

Angela Minard 2010©


Ann said...

Your poem spoke loud and clear to me. This is one that I can most definitely relate to.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I unfortunately can relate to this verse as well. It is very passionate and touching.

Paula said...

I can relate too. Hugs to you.

myundiary said...

I can relate too. Its so sad that my heart often aches. Love the poem and the beautiful blog template.