Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Happenings

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I had a wonderful weekend, although everyday feels like the weekend for me:) Saturday Dave and I went to a friends and sat by her pool for the afternoon. We got good and drunk, and it was a fun kind of drunk, as opposed to a sad kind of drunk. Sunday we went to my brother and sister-in-laws for a cookout, and my nieces were there. I always love seeing them because then I can get my little girl fix.
My two younger boys are off of their grounding. We had to ground them on Wednesday, because while Dave and I were out to dinner, they went gallivanting around the neighborhood late at night. Justice came home with a girls phone number written on his arm, and proceeded to tell me that she had kissed him! When I told him that he was grounded, he said, "Mom, it was so worth it!" Too funny! I love watching the boys grow up. They are so much fun:)
Monday Dave and I went shopping at my favorite store, Target! We bought an iron, a Swiffer wet mop, and two new dresses for me, so I will look very cute while mopping and ironing;-)
Well that is all for now. Hope everyone has a great week.


Ann said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Are you going to look like one of those 50's women in your dress with a great big smile while you mop and
Too funny about the grounding. I remember my son was grounded for an entire summer one year and still managed to get into trouble while he was grounded..

Angela said...

Yeah, that's what I thought about. Those June Cleaver type moms who look so put together while doing household duties, lol! I thought the picture I chose was perfect for this post:)
Hope you have a good week, Ann!

Paula said...

This cracks me up! Your boy and his statement!
Glad you got some nice dresses. Love that you hubby went out with you for shopping