Friday, December 16, 2011

Marching Forward

"Marching is not forgetting what is behind you and walking away. Marching is KNOWING what is behind you and purposefully, and methodically moving in the other direction."

This is a quote from my dear friend Eve, and I thought it was brilliant and wanted to share. It took a long time to know and acknowledge the past and what happened to me. I tried to forget, but eventually the truth caught up with me. I think sometimes people who haven't been through any kind of trauma expect you to forget about it and move on. I've had comments from people on this blog that felt that way. Knowing what happened to you and choosing to move forward is essential to healing. I will never forget, but the pain does lessen with time. There is peace in the truth of knowing.


Paul Sunstone said...

Forgetting may be one way of dealing with traumatic experiences, but I don't think most of us can forget. I suspect it's only a minority of us who can. So, I think most of us are in need of other ways of dealing with the traumas we've suffered.

For instance, every now and then you see someone "turn lemons into lemonade". They don't forget what happened to them, but they transform it into something positive in their lives. I have a friend who did that when she took what she had learned from being abused as a child and used the knowledge to help other survivors of abuse.

The point is: We each have our own ways of dealing with what happened to us, and it seems only a small minority of us can genuinely just forget what happened and move on.

Eve said...

Beautiful! I am so glad that you are on vacation now! I pray that you are able to rest and enjoy your family and friends! I think of you everyday! Thank you for your love and encouragement!