Monday, February 20, 2012

The Wait

The Wait

The signs on the door say
Please Use The Other Side
No Smoking
Turn Off Your Cell Phone For The Courtesy Of Others

You fill out paper work that you have already filled out before.
We sit on a brown suede couch, Time magazines from 2010,
and the low chatter of other patients with their audible sighs fill the waiting room.
An elderly woman pulls clippers from her purse,
 cutting her fingernails
as the crescent moon shapes fall onto the carpet.
Such a strange thing to do.

I grab the journal that I always keep in my over sized bag, 
writing down my observations.
You sit by my side,
hands fidgeting,
staring across the room at the fish tank
as a child in a pink coat runs over to peer into the bubbling water.
"Jessica, her mother calls impatiently,
"Get over here."
I think about how weary she sounds,
 wondering how often I was like that  with my own children.

One of the receptionists calls you over to the desk,
and you ask how long the wait is.
She laughs nervously, saying it will be a few hours.
Why don't they call the house when he is running that late?
I look down and randomly notice that my feet don't touch the floor.

You pull your Ipod from the pocket of your faded jeans,
putting the ear buds in, closing your eyes for a moment.
Your cell phone vibrates, and I try to see who the text is from,
but the tiny letters are blurry.
Do I need reading glasses?
I smile inwardly,
picturing myself with a beaded lanyard hanging around my neck.

The little girl in pink skips to the door, and out into the winter wind.
A woman pushing a man in a wheelchair
 says that she thinks the wind has picked up a little bit,
as a man walks in carrying a bouquet of tulips in his hand.
I hear the jangling of keys.
Impatience and flowers.

These words have calmed my mind of the fear.
"It will be fine", my mother-in-law often says,
and I believe.

I believe...

Angela Minard 2012©


andrew, (me.+) said...

A wonderful day to wait! A wonderful wait today Angela.

Angie Rayfield said...

Love, love it - I can see the waiting room so clearly, I can almost feel the never-quite-enough-padding chair. And I can absolutely picture you with the beaded lanyard. :)

Angela said...

Thank you, Angie. For some reason sitting there waiting felt surreal. I'm glad the appointment went well. No worries :)

Sia Jane said...

You write with such intensity, such beauty.
I hear and feel every word.
You are an amazing writer.
And you are amazing too of course ;)

Nicole said...

"Impatience and flowers."

My favorite line. I love this!

I love how well you’ve captured the essence of a waiting room. They can feel so crowded, but at the same time, hollow. And though our thoughts race and race, time crawls along and everything seems to move in slow motion.

I’m so glad that everything turned out okay at Dave’s appointment. That is wonderful news!

Take good care of yourself, Angie. Lots of love to you <3