Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Time For Action

Imagine that you've lost your footing...we all do at times.
The earth beneath our feet shifts, becoming soft, and what seemed certain gives way.
We flail, clawing for something solid to hold on to, and it is within this chaos that we hopefully find some amount of inner strength and peace. It is always there inside each and every one of us, but often we forget to look to ourselves, instead searching for wisdom and comfort from people who are seeking the same truth. Truth is who we already are, strength is who we are. We are wisdom, we are peace, but what is so glaringly simple can also be nearly impossible to see when we allow our own shadows to shroud our beauty, gifts, and light. I'm the master of negative self talk, and constantly look for validation from others that I am worthy. I'm realizing that if I continue living in this way, happiness will be fleeting. Compliments quickly turn into criticism from someone else, so I'm like a pinball bouncing every which way, eventually falling into a dark hole. If I rely on others to build me up, it is like living on a diet of candy, which is not life sustaining. I have to find a way to believe in everything that I am. I'm here for a reason, I have survived for a reason, and instead of believing that I deserved every horrible thing that was done to me, I want to be able to see the victory in my life. It means shutting down the voices of hate that hiss at me every time I turn around. It means shouting, "No, no, no!"  It means that I have to stop hurting myself. This all sounds very good as my fingers fly over the keyboard. I'm determined in this moment, safe behind a computer screen. 

It is time for action.