Thursday, August 27, 2015

Today Is My Birthday

Today is my birthday...

the final year of this decade in my forties.
It has been tumultuous to say the least. 
I clawed my way through, 
sometimes barely hanging on,
but here I am! 
I would like to say it was a beautiful ride,
but not so much...
At first glance, 
you may have even wanted to avert your gaze, 
but there was quiet celebration 
if you could focus your gaze long enough to see the details. 
The celebration in no particular order, because I find them all to be miracles...
  • Finding my voice, which meant finally speaking out about being raped
  • Going to therapy
  • Getting treatment for anorexia which meant going inpatient and being away from my family
  • Surviving two suicide attempts{Feeling my feelings was overwhelmingly painful, and I wanted to die.} I'm thankful that I was not successful. 
  • Finding yoga and an accepting community
  • Continuing to work through the process of trauma with my amazing therapist and nutritionist
  • Graduating from yoga teachers training.
  • Teaching yoga, and especially serving the community of people struggling with eating disorders and PTSD. 
  • Working through continuing panic attacks, and symptoms from PTSD. {I decided to go off of all pharmaceutical medication two years ago, and there have been some ups and downs, but I have learned many tools to deal with my anxiety. That does not mean that I may never again need medication. It was beneficial to my recovery, and I will never rule it out}   
*I was just offered a job to teach yoga in a hospital based intensive outpatient eating disorder treatment facility, and that has been my dream ever since I discovered the power of yoga for recovery from my eating disorder. 

**49 is feeling good! 


John Buchanan said...

Congratulations on your big day, may you have many returns. Congratulations also on coming through so much with such a great attitude. Finally thanks for having the courage to share your experiences with others, you give them hope.

Heather Jerdee said...

I am so grateful to be connected to you! The changes and healing in your life that you are sharing with others makes my heart happy. I feel like even though we know each other from the internet we have walking through healing together. You area inspiring woman Angela <3