Thursday, May 26, 2016


If you close your eyes
am I no longer sitting before you
Can you wish me away
with these words you have heard before
stifling yawn after yawn 
like the wide open, endless yawn of time
What good is trying to heal 
Continually ripping the bandage from the wound
too soon
As my silences lengthen
your eyelids flutter
the monotony of our conversations
growing as tiresome
as I am weary
Is this how you leave
or is this how I am leaving
Giving up on both of us 
before you can say goodbye

Angela Minard 2016©

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sometimes Less is More

When I teach yoga
I am realizing that I don't want to be anyone else 
and as a newer teacher 
I'm still refining my "voice" 
I'm sure that will always be the case
as hopefully we are continually growing and changing 
I stumble
and sometimes I'm surprised with what comes out of my mouth
There are moments of WTF did I just say?!! 
and times when I say something so profound
that even I sit up and take notice 
"Wow, I really needed to hear that today!" 
It is all okay 
because I need to remember that it is not my class anyway
I am simply a guide
My students teach me so much more than I teach them 
When I stumble
it is usually because I want the class to be whatever my version of "perfect" is
Trying to be perfect never works out to my advantage 
We are the one who gets in our own way
Last night
teaching felt especially satisfying
I was at ease
and had decided that I would give a two minute mini Savasana in between each of the Yin postures 
so that the students could take the time to notice the effects of each pose within their bodies
I had so much positive feedback
We didn't have time for as many postures 
but sometimes less is definitely more
During Savasana
(also known as corpse pose)
which is the final resting pose in a yoga class
I always sit and scan the room 
I place my eyes on each and every student
as if sweetly tucking them in for the night
and I wish them peace
And finally 
I wish myself peace
This may be my path
but we all journey together

Photography by~Angela Minard