Friday, August 19, 2016

Days of Glitter

Days of Glitter

I cry...
A lot...
Every day...
I love my new job
It also makes my heart hurt
I've been teaching yoga for awhile now, 
but I avoid teaching children
When I worked with children everyday, 
I figured that I needed a break from kids
When asked to sub kids classes, 
I would adamantly refuse
I never wanted to teach yoga to children, 
and so when I started this job 
teaching yoga in a psychiatric hospital, 
it didn't cross my mind that I would be required to teach children
I wanted to work with the adults 
forgetting that they too were once children
First I was a child
I guess I try to erase that little girl...
The youngest admit is five, 
and then there are the dreaded teenagers! 
I love them...
I know them...
their fears
feelings of loss...
I see the beauty that they have already lost sight of
I try to remind them
and I see
flashes of a smile
like the sun
hidden for awhile
glittering along the edges of cracked, 
grey pavement 


I'm trying to figure out how to keep my heart from breaking 
on a daily basis
or perhaps I bear witness
watching the shattered bits land where they may
sweeping the pieces back together
holding the small mirrored shards gently in my trembling hands
deep breaths as the glitter flies
shimmering sparks
of love

Angela Minard 2016©
Artwork by Anne Bachelier


Eve said...

Everytime I read your blog I know why I avoid it๐Ÿ˜‡ I am sending you love from WI and prayers of strength and wisdom to do your amazing work. Recently Adam and I talked about being overwhelmed by the world. And we talked about how God has only given us a circle of people really to influence and be influenced by. The rest is overwhelming because it is not in our scope of responsability. I don't know if that helps at all. But those kids are with you for a short amount of time and you will impact them well. And then they will be someone else's job. As for ourselves, when we think we are too much, we must remember that we are NOT too much for our people.....and the world is not all our people. I love you! Good work Angie!