Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good vs Bad

Good Vs.Bad

colors darkness
books hands
kittens the smell of fear
babies sudden loud noises
quiet rain in the afternoon fingernails on a chalkboard
violins stretch marks
watermelon jolly ranchers ipecac
swings teeter totters
butterfly kisses angry shouting
wishing unanswered prayers
diet coke root beer
the back of a little boys neck cigarette breath
fuzzy caterpillars spiders
stars thunder
pink clouds whispered hate
floppy velvet beagle ears being lost
the smell of Dave's chest in the middle of the night being left


The Speaker said...

Ipecac. Oh. The ipecac. I'm glad I can't buy it anymore. You have to be over the age of 18 now. This law should have been in place years ago.

Angel said...

It was the only way that I could ever make myself throw up. God, the taste is horrid! It is probably why I'm not a bulimic though. Just not a good thrower upper!