Friday, January 25, 2008

Cozy In My P.J.'s

It never seems all that difficult to make it through a Friday, no matter how crazy the day can get, and it did get crazy at times today. We are short staffed at work, so juggling duties and making sure that everyone is getting where they need to be can be tricky. The weekend is much needed. I'm cozy in my p.j.s and getting ready to snuggle in with my family and a movie tonight. We rented Good Luck Chuck. I have no idea what it is about. I'm hoping that it is a comedy, and that it makes me laugh. I'm really not all that picky. I'm just grateful that the weekend is here, that I have a warm roof over my head, and that I'm surrounded by love. I know that I am blessed with so much. I hope that I am never so overwhelmed and consumed by my own sadness, that I cannot see the beautiful life that I have been given. These gifts remind me of all that I'm fighting for, and the chance to live my life with renewed purpose.