Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I feel, I feel, I feel... My instict is to seperate myself from the feelings, but without the eating disorder, that is much more difficult to accomplish. I've made promises. So... I let the feelings wash over me, wave upon wave of sadness and despair, fearing that I will drown in my own sorrow. There are moments that I think the pain is too much to bear. The memories overtake me, and all that I long to do is run. Run until I can no longer catch my breath, and I cease to be... I cease to feel... I search for an ending in a world that is limitless. My soul forever connected to the sickness of strangers, and why is it that I'm still here...hanging on? We come into this world never claiming to exist freely. Impacting everyone that touches our presence. Never blameless, we will leave this earth.


Anonymous said...

Your soul belongs to you, the sickness belongs to them.

Angel said...

Yes, I need to remember that. Thanks for the reminder:)