Sunday, March 2, 2008

Together We Are Strong

This photograph was taken by a beautiful and courageous woman that I met while I was in treatment for an eating disorder at Renfrew. She also ended up becoming my roommate, and a friend that I will always cherish. She took this picture during a phototherapy class we were taking. For me it symbolizes reaching out for help. I struggled for so long, believing that it was a weakness to ask for help, but it takes courage to admit you are flailing. Often times we feel alone with our pain and shame, thinking no one will understand what we are going through. When I arrived at Renfrew, and met so many women like me, looking into their eyes, sharing their tears; they gave me so much hope and courage. Together we gained strength, and I will never forget any of them.

Together We Are Strong

Arriving alone
shaken and scared
it didn't take long
for your hands
to be there
Reaching out
through the pain
Holding on
to all who came
And together
we were strong
Each voice shared
a different song
We grew in strength
in our own time
With helping hands
we could choose to fly
There are times
when I falter,
fearing that I may fall
I remember those hands
when I'm feeling small
And together
we are strong.

Angela Minard 2008


Anonymous said...


Today is a happy day. There are birds singing in my back yard, the weather
is perfect and the smell of the muffins I baked fills the house.

I feel happy and that makes it special. I read your poem this morning. It
was so touching, I loved it! It was so sweet what you wrote about me, thank

I'm so grateful I met you and that you were and are part of my recovery. You
inspire me greatly. I always think about how amazing the women I met at
Renfrew were and you are the top of my list. Remember how we used to joke
about how being smart, talented and beautiful was a criteria to have an
eating disorder? Well, there's always some truth behind jokes. So, when I
give myself a hard time, I always try to think: "this can't possibly be
true, this must be my ED talking" and I remember all the amazing women that
struggle like me and how unfair it is that they don t see how smart,
talented and beautiful they are. You make me stronger. I will also cherish
you forever and I will always be proud that you are my friend.

One little fish said...

Nice blog, touching post. Keep it up!

One little fish

Mantas said...

Hey Angela,
thanks for checking out my blog.
I like yours too. I'll be checking on it.

Keep flopping those wings!

rina said...

Angela - i appreciate the honesty in your beautiful poem, i really do :D

The Speaker said...

That's what makes this whole surviving and thriving and recovering thing possible. Without each other, we wouldn't be able to do it. Sometimes I think about that feeling of being the only one in the world having a really hard time and even when it begins to take over my thoughts and I think, "There is no one else feeling what I am feeling right now." I realize that it cannot be true. I mean, if we were alone, ever something with the way the world revolves would malfunction. Being alone would send our brains into holding patterns and we'd disapear into imaginary worlds to deal with it all. But together, we don't have to do that. Together, the world spins and we heal and though it is hard, we are not alone.

Angel said...

Exactly, Jessieh! Isn't it wonderful to know that we are never alone? Your stuck with me, my friend!
Love and hugs,