Sunday, April 27, 2008

As He Sleeps


As He Sleeps

Beneath these stairs
I can hear
him breathing
deeply sleeping
Beneath these fingers
I can feel
each rise and fall
a warm caress
I lay my head
upon his chest
Secretely hoping
he opens his eyes
and will see
how alone
I must be
while he dreams

Angela Minard 2008


Anonymous said...

I dream about you and to open my eyes and not see you gives me a worrisome emptiness. Even in the darkness of sleep I'm still holding on trying not to let go. Take my hand and we can walk together forever...

Angel said...

Wow! Who writes the poems around here?

Thank you:)
I love it.
I love you<3

Anonymous said...

I like this piece..I can feel it ...thankyou

Lumina said...

Beautifully touching.
I know that lonely place in the night...
Thank you for letting me know, it's not just me...