Tuesday, April 29, 2008

~Today is Angela Shelton Day~Report IT!

Everyone is Angela Shelton
~Today is Angela Shelton Day~ Report IT!
We will all Report IT on the same day.

The Report IT Campaign is a nationwide state-to-state rally to report sexual violence and abuse on the same day! It was created to raise awareness on the vast under-reporting of sexual assault including rape, incest, and abuse.

~April 29, 2008~ hailed Angela Shelton Day.
People nationwide will show up at their local county courthouses on April 29th! Together we will break the silence and the cycle! You can fill out the online form anytime on or before April 29th.
This IS NOT an official police report!
Thank you for Reporting IT!
Share where you'll be Reporting IT on Upcoming Events!
Need to talk to someone?
Free, confidential - 800-656-HOPE
History of the Report IT campaign

In Angela Shelton’s award-winning documentary “Searching for Angela Shelton”, she surveyed women in the US with her same name. As she began interviewing other Angela Sheltons, she found that 70% had been victims of rape, childhood sexual assault and/or domestic violence.

Shelton’s latest endeavor is a book, Finding Angela Shelton, which is in stores now, through the Meredith Publishing Company. The book tells about how Angela was faced with her past, how she dealt with it and coped, and how she healed.