Monday, April 21, 2008

Job Olympics

I have a cough that will not allow me to get much sleep, so here I am, writing, whining, and complaining! Really, all things considered, I'm not in a foul mood at all. Yesterday, it actually felt like spring here in Kansas, and today we are supposed to have more of the same. It's about damn time! Everything is in full bloom, and if I know Kansas, next week it will either be in the upper 90's or the trees will be covered in a thick coating of ice. Oooooh, don't I have a positive attitude?
This week is going to be busy. Roman, our youngest, has his first baseball game of the season this evening, and it should be a beautiful night to sit outside and watch him play. I'm looking forward to it.
Work is going to be full of excitement as we prepare for Job Olympics which will be held on Thursday. Job Olympics is an activity for highschool students with special needs. They practice job related skills such as sacking groceries, stuffing and labeling envelopes, towel folding, hamburger wrapping, silverware rolling, vaccuming, etc..., and then on the day of Job Olympics, they compete with other highschools in the area. It is a lot of fun for some, and not so much for others, depending on the students disability. It can be a little overwhelming for our students with Autism, as it is a noisy and chaotic environment. Nevertheless, we will be preparing them for it. I can hardly believe that we only have five weeks left of school before summer break. What a year it has been!
Well, speaking of work, I need to start getting ready for this day.

Hope everyone has a beautiful week.