Sunday, May 25, 2008


A friend of mine that I was in treatment with at Renfrew wrote this poem
tape measure


Measuring self-esteem
Is never done accurately on a scale
Of pounds and ounces
Kilograms and grams
Nor calories and miles
So lose your tape measure
And stop checking your bones
Let go of the sick jeans
And photographs embracing emaciation
Say goodbye to that porcelain god
Withholding regurgitated meals
Vomitron and Starvathons are over
Mirrors are not meant to answer questions like
Who's the fairest of them all
It's okay to be healthy
It is not my duty to be ill
I deserve happiness
And recovery
And that is exactly what I'm pursuing
Fully aware that there will be slips
Bad days
And triggers in seemingly innocent affairs
But I am more than willing to take the risk
To let go of this disease
Because I would rather have the chance to be happy
Than live one more day in sharing my life with my eating disorder
I have nothing to lose


MamaFlo said...

Great Affirmation.
It's only effective however if you believe it.

infinitewebprofit said...

Letting go is best thing we can do if are discovering happiness.
Let it go!

Arduous Nincompoop said...

For some reason that brought tears to my eyes. I have never had a eating disorder. Actually it was almost the opposite.

I was always teased for being too skinny. Called names all through school because I had no shape and was just a rail.

Now at 45 I am 165lbs and stressing over the extra lbs around my waist. But I think I'm secretly enjoying the softness and curves of my frame.

It's not the shape I would pick, but I'm seeking happiness from areas more important in my life. My measurements just don't measure up (so to speak) to the things life offers that deserve my time and attention.

I love your blog. Very artistic and interesting. Keep it up!

God Bless...