Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Dog And The Rat

The dog decided to go and sniff the cage of the rat. The rat decided to bite the nose of the dog. The dog is now afraid of the rat!

Sleeping Dog(Phoebe)
Sleeping Rat(Emery)
Cute Dog(Phoebe)
Cute Rat(Emery)


The Speaker said...

Hello Beautiful,
Here is my sad sad story...


1.) I did the first cover art for Journal 2800. It was lovely but not exactly what I wanted it to be. Two days after I had completed it I came back to my dorm room to discover a card from my roomate stating that she had spilled her yerba-mate (I cannot spell that) on it by accident. Her sincere apologies. I took it as a sign that okay, I should have worked on it more. I thought, "No problem...I'll just make another cover, no big deal."

2.) I set out to make cover #2. I completed it, loved it, thought, "Well maybe noone will get it but they don't have to, it's hopeful and it feels right."
This was approx. 13 days ago. I then put it in a safe place because I knew I wouldn't be able to attach it to the cover of the actual journal without my special glue and I wouldn't be able to mail it until I arrived in Columbia.

3.) My safe place ended up not being safe because I have packed the cover art away so safely that now I cannot find it anywhere.

4.) After a four day search, I have decided to start over from scratch and complete a final cover (without over analyzing or critique) before June 8th (my birthday). I will scan, and mail it (back to you?) by Monday, June 9th. :)

There is the sad sad story and I send my apologies.

PS: If I get a chance tonight, I will scan the pages on the inside I have completed.

Thank you for having so much patience.
love, Jessieh

Angel said...

Awww...that is sad:( Most likely you will find it after you have already finished the new version!

Take your time. I have all of the patience in the world, and yes you can just mail it back to me:)

Much love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Thought of the Dog:

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." - Mark Twain

What a wuss!!! Get back in there and fight Pebus!!!!!!!

Lumina said...

So cute, funny and sweet.
My son had a couple of rats (one at a time thank God) when he was growing up too. Mikey, then Melissa. They were sweet...but those cages can pack a wallup of a smell, no?
" the corners of my minnnnnnnnnd."