Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mad Doodle

The last day of Doodle Week has arrived, and I'm so glad that I participated!
When I was in the 1st grade, a teacher told me that I was not very good at art, and ever since, I have stuck with music or writing as my creative outlets. It was fun to draw, and even if I'm not that great at it...
Now, I'm getting too damned old to care!
So, to that 1st grade teacher, "Screw You!"


L.S. King said...

I had an evil first grade teacher, too. Glad to see that you moved way past yours!!!


Anonymous said...

Mad and cute! :)

Akelamalu said...

I love your doodles but whilst scrolling through looking for them I saw the pastel of your sons - it's beautiful! :)

Laura said...

Yes - SCREW YOU!!! That anger is good for the soul. How dare teachers (and sometimes parents!) say that to a young child. It's amazing to me (as a psychotherapist) how impactful adults are - and how insensitive they can be - to kids. I see these adults years later in my office. It often takes them a very long time to get to "screw you" - which is the best thing to say under the circumstances.

~Laura (zental floss)

Jenny said...

It sounds like your 1st grade teacher was unhealthy. I am sorry for that and sorry that she hurt you. Anyway- she was wrong. You are a great artist and I love this drawing!!!!!

Claire said...

Proof that I was totally crap at commenting on everyone's doodles first time round!

Sorry about that.

Another is coming up soon :)