Sunday, June 8, 2008

Girl In A Ditch

Girl In A Ditch

She parked her car
on the side of the road
and sits in a ditch all alone
Cross legged, on a blanket,
with a book in her hands
Appearing to be unaware
of the critical, curious stares

We exit and wait at the tracks
for the bothersome coal train to pass
Wondering aloud
"What the hell," with a laugh
secretly hoping that you'll have an answer
but all that you say with pessimism is,
"We will be waiting forever"

Looking behind, behind she will stay
In the back of my mind, recalling the day
We drove right past the girl in a ditch
Angela Minard 2008


Anonymous said...

I did 3 million miles as a truck driver and there were many times..when I passed someone in a similar situation ..I stopped wondering one day and stopped...fortunately I could help..I just wished I had stopped more often