Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Goodwill LOGO
My mom and I have been so busy cleaning, organizing, and redecorating my house. Yesterday we went shopping and bought new sheets and comforters for the boys beds, and new fabric blinds for the windows in our bedroom. Today we are tackling my closet, which I have been dreading most of all. Eating disorders breed many sizes of clothing. There are clothes that I know that I need to get rid of though, so I just need to do it. Someone else will be able to enjoy and get use out of what we no longer wear. We have so many bags of clothes to donate to Goodwill. The boys closets were full of clothes that they had grown out of, or just wouldn't be caught dead wearing, like the adorable winter sweaters that I had bought for holiday pictures, but I guess boys only wear short sleeved t-shirts anymore. I have finally given up on picking out their clothes. They can wear whatever they want, although I do draw the line at heavy metal devil music t-shirts on religious holidays!
Now, if I could only organize all of these thoughts in my head, I would be doing great. I'm trying to have some goodwill towards myself, as well, though.
Baby steps, I know!
baby steps


confused said...

progress is good..and sometimes passing on things is a good way to cleanse the soul and part of the next step

Laura said...

I am a thrift shop addict. GoodWill is one of the usual places I go on the weekend, week days too. I bought an HP All in One (scanner, printer, fax, copier) on Friday. It looks new and works great. Will be fun to send faxes.