Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Woman Inside

Sometimes I wonder why I post so honestly about how I'm feeling, but then I get a wise comment from someone, and it helps me to see things in a more positive light, and it is then that I'm glad that I was so honest. Yesterday, I was feeling bad about my body and the weight that I've gained. My beautiful friend, Theresa, left me this comment.~

"After a while it began to sink in. Now, I can look in the mirror and not think terrible things about myself. I can actually appreciate my body, not for what it looks like as that's not a concern so much anymore, but for what it can do... Even more importantly, for the woman I am inside it. That's what's important to me now. You are a wonderfully made woman, beautiful inside and out. You have a smile that lights up a room and a personality that makes it so easy to love you. Remember, your body is merely a vessel in which your soul is carried in the world. It is an amazing creation, able to withstand extreme situations, but still work appropriately. Try to think of it like that.....your heart beats as it should with no help. Your lungs make you breathe without your thinking about it.....that's pretty amazing stuff."

Our bodies are amazing. I've carried four beautiful children with this body...nourished newborn babies. I must remember this when I'm feeling discouraged. I know that there will be times that I forget, but as always, I will continue to try.


Sunny said...


Love you girlie!

Jena Isle said...

That was a very inspiring contribution by Theresa. Yes, it is a good realization.

I feel the same way too, at times, but when I see a person without legs, or arms, I realize how lucky I am for my complete body.

Thanks for sharing.

Justin said...

I honor you mothers that carry children, nurture them, and raise them. Its really an amazing process. I really like your site. Keep up the good work.


Lumina said...

When we "share so honestly" we open the door for others to do the same. In "sharing so honestly" we let go of the shame, therefore leading the way for others to do the same.

I think it's really beautiful the way you let others in on your healing process. To pretend "all is good" helps no are helping many with your honesty. :)

Anonymous said...

The warrior inside of you would not have to have someone else tell you how wonderful you are. After all this time, why do you still need so many people to affirm you? The same things are being said over and over and over and over again. Broken record. I know your healing takes time, but you don't have an infinite amount of time. The more time you spend hating and doubting and loathing yourself, is that much time you are missing out on all of the joy around you. Time is a precious gift and you are wasting yours away. Where is the warrior?