Saturday, August 23, 2008

Say Goodbye


Say Goodbye

Can you say goodbye to the darkness
as your shadow grows so tall?

The songbirds no longer trill
in the distant blinding sun.
Melodiously they beckon,
to sweetly lure you home.

Won’t you flee from this night?
Take a hold of her hand
and dance into the light.

Leave their iniquity behind.
The time for them will come.
Throw their ashes to the frigid ground.
Turn around
Spread wide your arms,
and run.

Angela Minard 2008©


Greta G said...

Hi Angela,
I accidentally commented on yesterday's blog today. I wanted to make sure you saw my comments, so I've copy/pasted them here. Your entry left me with several thoughts. You mentioned that some of your formerly safe foods have become unsafe, which makes my curiosity want to speculate what has changed (rhetorical for your own reflection, not for me)? Also, challenging obsessive thoughts in a way that enables self-honesty has been instrumental in my recovery. For instance...if I say a banana is unsafe for me, and after asking myself why, I say that it will make me fat (which is clearly impossible), then I have to challenge myself to figure out the motive for my choice to believe in an irrational belief. What purpose is it serving???
Recovery is about the process of getting honest--not so much about food, but about our thought, attitudes, and beliefs--and the way to get honest is being willing to examine beliefs we have chosen to buy into.