Sunday, August 10, 2008


"The body never forgets. I’ve a story: a true and unfrozen story. Hopefully by sharing it will help shed a little light on trauma and how we carry it locked away in our bodies, frozen in time – neither visual or verbalized; rather, emotionally frozen, snapped in the body until triggered and ready to be released."

I found this interview with therapist Dr. Fran Burke on the Imagine If Child Protection Became A Serious Business website. It really helped to explain why sometimes I'm triggered by events or emotions that seem difficult to pinpoint or explain. To read more, go check out the imaginif website.


kimmysharinglight said...

Thank you for sharing Angela. I feel for you, and hope to share with you one day as well. Healing through creativity was something I found several years ago. Thank you for your beautiful site. Kimmy

Megan from Imaginif said...

Thanks so much for finding and valuing Fran's story. It has been a huge linkage for her.

Fran and I have worked with survivors for many years. Whereas Fran said she felt hypercritical with her frozen trauma, I can only encourage everyone (therapists and non therapists) to accept that we are all people who have been affected by life. Just because someone is a therapists doesn't make them immune to trauma.

Your site is wonderful and it was a pleasure for me to link to it. Your recovery work is inspiring.

Thank you for being you and for being honest. There is safety in numbers so I hope your site gives encouragement to other survivors to step up and get rid of the shame that belongs only to perpetrators.