Friday, September 5, 2008

Rising Above


Rising Above Internet Radio Show
Hosted By: Jenna K. Linch
When: Tuesday Sep 16, 2008
at 7:00 PM

Every month Rising Above's Radio Show has an open night for survivors to call in and share their poetry, stories, or ask questions. This month, the open show is on September 16th at 6pm CST, 7pm EST. It's a chance for survivors to be heard and to encourage, motivate, and inspire other survivors out there with their testimonies and stories. Anyone can call in, whether you are a survivor, an advocate, musician, writer, etc. We welcome anyone to call in and share their story. Also on September 30th, there will be a special show for the first issue of Rising Above that is coming out in October. I will be talking about ways to get involved, things to look for in the first issue, how to submit your stories and work, events coming up for Rising Above, etc. This is a chance for people to call in with their questions, comments and feedback about Rising Above Magazine. The subscriptions will be free and if you would like to subscribe to the monthly Ezine email me, Jenna, at if you would ever like to be a guest on our show, you can email me at the same address. We are always looking for survivors who would like to share their stories and talk about the work they are doing and what they have gone through in their lives and how they have beat the odds. The link to the radio show is It is an internet radio show and the number is listed on the site for you to call in. So we look forward to hearing from Rising Above's supporters on the 16th and if you have any questions about anything, send an email to