Saturday, October 11, 2008




Loneliness sings
outside the window,
taps on the pane.
Twelve squares
seperated by
happiness that jogs by
with a ponytail.
Sunrise on the beauty
of a day that I'm not yet
a part of.

Angela Minard 2008©


Sunny said...


jodapoet said...

Nice imagery and it fits so well with the poem. Good job.

char said...

the feeling of separation comes through strongly. that the subject does not feel a part of something that they obviously are inter-webbed with really brings out the sad feelings of the subject.

NathanKP said...

This poem reminds me of one of my own about windows. For some reason windows seem to be recurring themes in poems about loneliness.

NathanKP - Imagination Manifesto

carol at A Second Cup said...

happiness jogs by with a ponytail.

The whole poem is lovely. I love that ponytail imagery.

Bella Casa said...

I love your writing...alot of it is like you're reading my mind! Why are those people jogging by house so much happier than I am? Probably because they are jogging, right? I don't know...but I always think the people outside my window are so much more content than I could ever be.

Found you via EntreCard.

Nice to meet you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela, nice work! Lonliness definitely comes with a sense of seperateness from everyone and everything else...

I wrote a short poem about lonliness a little while back with some similar sentiments - you can find it here: