Saturday, October 11, 2008

You Must Be Hungry


The other evening my husband(poor guy, he gets blamed for so much)said something that upset me. It was something that was so basic, and yet it set off all of my alarms, and you must be thinking that it was something so horrible, but no, it was this..."You must be hungry." After he said it, I could feel the anger rise up past my ears, and it took a great deal of self control not to explode, but I knew how irrational my anger was. I'm still contemplating my reaction, and of course I forgot to bring it up in therapy last week, so if you have thoughts or opinions, feel free to comment.
I'm embarrassed to have needs for some strange reason, and hunger feels enormously humiliating. Hunger is the most painful need, more like a confession, and wanting anything for myself is hard to admit to, but the need for food is probably the hardest. I can tell you that I want the fanciest cell phone out there, but can't comfortably say out loud that I'm craving a warm cinnamon roll( you know).


Clueless said...

I become defensive and angry if someone asks if I need something to eat or becomes insistent that I eat something even though my weight is far too stable now.

Chronic Chick Talk said...

I hope you start feeling better, triggers are so difficult to deal with. I know sometimes the simplest word upset me.

Chronic Chick Talk

Anonymous said...

Looks good, make me two and I will eat yours!!!

That will be three for me>

See, I can write poems too.

Have a good or better day this Sunday, I will be on the road to Pinehurst so I can't bug you for a week.


Old man in Florida