Sunday, November 2, 2008


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I can't believe that it is already Sunday. The weekends go by way too fast. I think it is just that I need a longer break from work right now. My job is really stressing me out. I love the kids, but unfortunately, I also have to deal with adults, and I feel pulled in too many directions. I'm needed in a pre-school autism class to begin a new program, but I'm also still needed in the high school in the afternoons, so the teacher in that class has been petitioning for me to stay, but so far, it looks like on Monday I'm going to be moving to the pre-school in the afternoons. I feel guilty for leaving, but then again, I have no control over it, so there isn't anything that I can do about it. Working with the little ones will be fun, and also a change of pace from the more aggresive older kids, so I'm sure it will be fine once I get settled in. I know that I'm also nervous about starting in a new school with new people. Change makes me a bit anxious, so I want to hang on to this day, and make it last as long as possible! I plan on baking, and doing some chores around the house. I also need to start working on the navy blue scarf that I'm knitting for my father-in-law for his birthday, so I'd better get busy. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.


Descartes said...

Well, you do good work so relax and take a deep breath once in a while.

I like your blog and think it worthy of a Butterfly Award. Its over at London Thoughts if you care to drop by and pick it up.

Anonymous said...

Thought of the Day:

Election is now, are we ready for CHANGE????

Weekends will even come faster>>>

S.L. Corsua said...

I do hope the change will do you wonders. The jitters will wane once you've settled down in the new workplace. Have fun with the kids; you're a miracle worker, for them. ;) Cheers.

Carol Denbow said...

Hi Angela,
Just remember when you have stress, you have created it yourself (most often). Create a fresh new way of thinking, looking at the positive to everything and see if you feel a little less stressed. It really does work and so does a hot bath, so work on getting both!
Best to you,