Saturday, November 29, 2008

Damn Diet Ads

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I'm tired of the before and after diet ads all over the internet and television. I'm tired of the broken record in my head that continues to tell me that I need to lose weight. I've really been struggling since Thanksgiving. I restricted all that day so that I could eat a normal amount of food for dinner in front of everyone, and even now, I'm continuing to restrict. My sister-in law sent me some pictures that she took, and all that I can see in the photographs is how f** I look. I'm so bored with my whining self. Why do I focus so much on my exterior when I know that it doesn't truly matter. When does the obsession end? Even my mom has joined Weight Watchers, and everyone I work with is on a diet, and it is all that they can talk about. I don't even know where this post is going. I'm just frustrated and need a place to vent, so if you have read this far, then thanks for listening:) I've just hit a bump in the road, but I'm sure that I will figure it out.


Maggie said...

Stay strong! It is so hard this time of year when it is so much about food for everyone.

Go back and re-read the post you made before this one, and remember to try to shut out all the chatter of society. (I will try to do the same.)

Angel said...

Thanks Maggie,
I will keep trying to challenge that inner voice. Take care:)

Ellie said...

Hang in there! By the way, I can so relate. I have a zillion friends in my life who are shutter-trigger happy with their, what I have learned is that wide angle lens are not remotely realistic. And very few people know how to take a decent don't use pictures as a guide.

emmy. said...

i'm sorry to hear you're having such a tough time, love. at least you can *recognize* your thought process and you know you've been restricting. sometimes, that's hard to admit and that's much more dangerous.

hang in there. you know what you need to do. this is one of those times that you really have to push yourself past your own limits. you can do it, i promise. keep faith :)

we're all here for you.

Clueless said...

I too understand...I am so conflicted. Hang in there.

Lisa said...

Vent away. Your readers are here to "listen."

I'm sorry you're having such a tough time with the holiday. I've been using the "distract myself" stratagem with some success.

Angel said...

Thank you all. I'm doing better today:)

Mik said...

Keep at it.

I've seen those before and after ads all over the place, MySpace etc. Some have badly photoshopped photos on them.

Dolly's Diary said...

Sometimes that is all we need to do, is vent and it eases our frustration for a while. I know how you feel. I posted an award for you on my blog.
Take Care,
Janet :)

Retinna Bell said...

This is AWESOME!!!!!!! This was my first visit to your site; but I am very much inspired to return. Cool!