Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where Is Spring?

One of our damaged pear trees.

My new HHR, aka Lucy.

We are getting a late March snowstorm here in Kansas this afternoon, and sadly, our beautiful blooming pear trees in our front yard are breaking with the weight of the ice and snow. It makes me very sad. A few years back we lost our willow to an ice storm, and now this. We will have a lot of cleaning up to do tomorrow. Hopefully we can do it ourselves, and the city will haul it away, because otherwise it is going to cost us quite a bit of money. Anyway, on to better news...Yesterday I got a new car! The lease on my P.T. Cruiser was up this month, so we bought a cute, candy apple red HHR. It has more room than the Cruiser, and rides really nice. I always like to name my cars, so I have christened this one Lucy, after Lucille Ball...Feisty and red.
Other than that, there is not much else going on. Work has been stressful. I'm working with an aggressive student who bites, kicks, hits, screams, scratches, and pinches. I think that covers it all! I have to restrain him at times, and it is physically exhausting. I'm very bruised and scratched up this week, and have a big bite mark on my lower arm. I don't like having to restrain a child, and I get very emotional about it. I'm hoping that we can figure out the antecedent to this behavior, and get a better program in place for him. Right now, he is just very oppositional and defiant. He is also a master negotiator. Quite the challenge. I definitely needed this weekend to recuperate, so the snowstorm is keeping me from doing much. On the other hand, I feel like I should be cleaning my house and catching up on laundry. Maybe tomorrow:)


Mike Golch said...

we are supposed to getting this later tonoght or early sunday.

clean and crazy said...

this will probably melt away by tomorrow afternoon, we are supposed to get nice sunny afternoon here in Wichita. I like the snow, we tried to go out in to the back yard and could not though because the gate was frozen solid.

tashabud said...

You must have gotten what came through to us. Yes, I'm ready for more sunshine and no more snow.

Gee, what kind of work do you have to deal with a child like that? That doesn't seem like a "dream job" you have to sustain bite marks and bruises. Stay safe.


Shinade said...

We just got lucky Angela.That was supposed to hit us too but we are just cold and damp.

It was very windy and rained almost all day yesterday but it never snowed.

Oh your poor pear tree. I was so worried about our trees and flowers because so many are in bloom.

My picture of the birds was taken a few days ago.

You take care and thanks for stopping by.


PinkLady said...

I live in a tropical country and we complain of too much sunshine while some parts of the world wait in anticipation for their sun to shine.

Angela, I love this new red car of yours. Red is my favorite color! And this reminded me of something.

When I used to be gloomy and sad and angry at the world, I wore bright colors like red, orange, yellow, etc. It did help my mood somehow. It was a suggestion from a friend and bright colors, especially RED, did uplift my spirit. :)

Have a blessed week!

Bing (",)