Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moab, Utah




Yesterday after we left my sister and brother-in-laws, we drove through Moab, Utah. Dave and I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery, but the boys were not nearly as impressed. They were getting irritated with our frequent stops to take pictures. They even waited in the van while Dave and I tried to hike up to see one of the arch formations called The Delicate Arch. The hike started out okay, but then it became really steep, and after about an hour, we turned around and went back down. Oh well...we still enjoyed ourselves. Maybe it is our age, but Dave and I are in awe at all that we are seeing, but the boys take it for granted. Of course they have a lot more time in their lives to see amazing things I suppose. Today, we are off to see the Grand Canyon. I hope that they will enjoy that, and not complain so much! I will of course post more pictures:)


Mike Golch said...

Nice photos!

clean and crazy said...

what a great post and look how beautiful you are. the dessert sun suits you.

Angel said...

Thank you both:)

earthtoholly said...

Oh my gosh...Arches NP and Moab...I loved it. I want a little glass house right out in the middle of all of it! Great pics.