Thursday, November 12, 2009




Not a flinch
or a slap in the face
of surprise.
Hearing the news
that you died.
You never made any effort
to know who I am.
After the divorce,
disgarded, and left behind.
My memories are only
the faded pictures I've seen
in worn out photo albums.
A white bonnet,
a red trike,
while you pushed from behind.

Is this how I will feel when you die?
Nothing feels sad and empty.
Is that what I want?

It has been so long.
What will I say to you
when I see you at his visitation?
You were just like him
in so many ways.
You left me behind.
You never made any effort
to know who I am.
I will say,
"I'm sorry that Papa passed."
I know you tried
to mend your relationship with him.
Taking care of him in the end.
Maybe you are trying.
Isn't that all anyone can ask?
I will say,
"We can try to work things out
if you can give me some time
to forgive."

Angela Minard 2009©


stigma no more said...

Beautiful Angela and so true, so much pain and anger that time passes before it does inside of us. We can only hope that time and forgiveness come together before it is to late, but we are not in control, as much as we would like to believe. Keep on trying day by day and who knows what tomorrow will bring,
Take Care,
Janet :)

Ann said...

Another beautiful poem Angela. They say time heals all wounds. Some just take more time than others.

clean and crazy said...

how are you doing? i have been so busy i haven't stopped by all week. i think of you and hope you are well.

PJ said...

your words come directly from your soul, and are so meaningful.

much love to you angela...