Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Days


I should be back at work today, but we had a snow day, and another one has already been announced for tomorrow. I’m ready to go back. I had a phone session with my nutritionist last night, and I was telling her that while I’ve been on break, I’ve felt even more eating disordered than usual. I think it’s because when I’m at work, I rarely think about food, or my body image. I don’t have the time. Right now though, that is all there is. I’m stuck in the house because of the weather, and although I can keep myself somewhat busy around here, it’s not the same sort of distraction. I have to work harder to challenge the negative self talk, and there seems to be more of it. I’m proud of myself for challenging it, but I do get weary. I’m still pretty much sticking with my one meal per day, which is dinner so that I can eat with my family, but lately that depends on what I’ve already eaten during the day. When I’m at work, I don’t eat at all. My nutritionist wants me to start trying to eat lunch at work, but I’m scared that I will want to cut dinner if I do that, and eating with my family is too important. I’m feeling stronger, so maybe soon I will be ready and able to add an extra meal. It shouldn't be that hard, but believe me, it is.


Ann said...

You can do it Angela, I know you can. I know what it's like though when you don't have enough to keep you occupied and the brain starts to wonder. I'm sure you will find the distraction to keep you on track.

Wanda's Wings said...

Just take baby steps. You will get there.

clean and crazy said...

keep talking about it and it won't get the better of you. you have the strength to fight this and i know you will do well, you always do!

Grampy said...

You may want to try some fruit or a salad or some vegetables to chew on at work. I am afraid this time of the year you can get depressed if you are stuck in the house. But keep up the good work.
Take care Angela.