Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Restless Heart

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A Restless Heart

My heart is forever racing
ahead of the beat
pulsing within the cage
of my soul
Restless and waiting

Hidden eyes watch
the movement of your
hands as you talk
Longing to touch them
Your voice inside
of my head
listens for the meaning
behind your words
finding myself lost
within the silence
of all that is unspoken

"Yes, this is fun," I say,
when you ask
unsure of my feelings
once again
unsure of you
and your feelings

Your playful smile
touches upon the happiness
that lies dormant

"Yes, this is fun."

Angela Minard 2010©


Ann said...

Very lovely poem Angela.

Doreen McGettigan said...

Beautiful poem and your blog is beautiful too!!

VanillaSeven said...

Beautiful photo with meaningful poem :)

Ferd said...

Dancing around living in the moment.
Dancing around trust.
Powerful feelings very well expressed. I loved the poem!

Paula said...

Living in the moment -
easy said not so easy done.
Lovely poem with impact.
Angela, so happy to have found you nd get to know a glimpse of your world. Hugs across the pond