Wednesday, May 26, 2010



Our 2nd day of summer, and Roman ended up in the ER. I should have had my mom radar on when he and a friend decided to put face paint on and go out playing in the creek behind our house. He walked out of the house with face paint, an old army helmut, and a walking stick in his hand. An hour later, he walked back into the house with blood pouring down his face. For a minute, I thought that he was pulling a prank on me, but that unfortunately was not the case! He was playing in the creek, he was running, and hit his head on the top of a sewer drain. Dave took him into the ER, and he needed 11 stitches on the inside, and 4 on the outside. The doctor said that he could see Roman's skull. Having boys can be so scary! I'm losing count of the broken bones and stitches we have had over the years. Hopefully the rest of this summer won't be so filled with drama. My heart can only stand so much:)


sandy said...

YIKES, give that boy a book and have him still awhile. Sounds like he needs to slow down a bit. Heck of a way to start the summer.

I have 2 brothers, one older and one younger. In our growing up years I only remember one (the younger, more active one) getting hurt. He cracked his collar bone.

Perhaps the broken bones and stitches you're referring to have more to do with the activities he's been doing rather than the fact that he's a boy.

A few scrapes and bruises is to be expected, but I'm not sure I agree that boys all do dangerous things.

Hope he heals quickly, and you have a peaceful summer.


Angela said...

Thanks Sandy:) He is the most active of my four, and tends to get hurt more. I will suggest that he sit down with a good book, and see what type of reaction I get out of him with that one!!!:-D
Take care

Cammy said...

Yikes, I hope Roman heals up soon! I have two younger brothers, and one especially was ALWAYS hitting his head and getting into scrapes, boys will be boys!

Ann said...

OUCH that had to have hurt. I remember going through those days with my son. There were some scary times and it's amazing he survived it all :)