Friday, June 11, 2010

Dave's Reunion

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It is going to be a busy weekend of reunion festivities for Dave's 30th high school reunion. We are getting ready to go out and meet some of his friends at one of the bars where they used to hang out. Usually spouses reunion activities are awkward because you don't know anyone, but I know a lot of Dave's friends, so it will actually be fun for me. I bought a really cute dress for tomorrow night, so I'm looking forward to getting dressed up. I love all of that girlie stuff. Dave teases me that when I'm an old lady I will still get all dolled up just to go to the grocery store! Hehe, that is true:-D
I will try to post pictures of our weekend later. Hope everyone has a good one!


Ann said...

Sounds like fun, have a great time

Russ said...

Nice to see you having fun with Dave. Looking forward to those pictures.