Friday, August 6, 2010




"Don't forget me," I tell you
"Don't forget me"
Don't leave me waiting in the wind
Don't forget my face
that wavers, growing faint
until I'm but a shadow
in a corner of your mind
Store me away in a tiny compartment
away from the rest of your life
tucked into a box that you
will never allow yourself to pull out
or perhaps you will lift the corners
peering cautiously inside
Maybe all that will be left of me
is shame and guilt
A deep throb in the back of your throat
as you swallow hard; as you close your eyes
Yes, I'm growing dark.
For awhile I'll be the shimmer of a dream
in which you awaken drenched in a cold sweat
afraid of the risk you took
Oh, sadly my smile will fade
into a bittersweet memory
disappearing within the distance of time

Angela Minard 2010©


Wanda's Wings said...

The child is side us prays we never forget her. She lived a live so hard sometimes we just want to forget. We must never let that happen. You wrote it so beautifully. We must never forget.

Ann said...

beautiful poem Angela.

ToTo Antonio said...

Talent or Skills. Nice one... I guess i'll be a regular here.

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Angela said...
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Just Be Real said...

Angela, wonderful words here. Blessings, JBR

Anonymous said...

Again, you are tearing at my heart. You are too good at writing your thoughts and feelings down.


Angela said...

Yes, sometimes the truth can hurt.