Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Piece Of Her


A Piece Of Her

The cigarette holes in her house dresses used to scare me,
(that is what old ladies wear when they aren't going anywhere)
which she seldom did.
I didn't want to sit in her lap
because of those burns.
She smelled of talc and Estee Lauder perfume,
and when she did go out, she would get all dressed up,
even to go to the grocery store.
I'm like her in that way.
Funny, the things you inherit.
I like having a piece of her inside of me.
The idea that no one ever really goes away for good is comforting.
I'm not sure why she is on my mind.
Maybe it is to teach me that love is never lost,
like a built in compass placed in the heart.
I will find my way.

Angela Minard 2010©


Blue Butterfly said...

This reminded me of Miss Havisham in Great Expectations for some reason.

Are you talking about your grandma here?


Wanda's Wings said...

Sounds like there is something there that touches your heart.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Beautiful words that so resonate within me too, Angela. You've so eloquently expressed love and memories. Wonderful verse.

Francis Scudellari said...

The idea of a compass in the heart is such a wonderful image, and I've felt its presence too.

Mom said...

My darling daughter,
I believe that if we are remembered after death with fond and loving memories,than our lives were not in vain. Your Nani gave us that. Through you, her legacy lives on.

Nicole said...

I love this <3

It really is comforting to know that the people we love are never truly lost or gone, even after they pass away.

like a built in compass placed in the heart.
I will find my way.

Those lines are so beautiful and true.

Thank you for posting this <3


Paula said...

Angela, so comforting and loving. Yes, there is a bridge to gone ones, a bridge which is called love. I love this concept of a built in compass! Hugs to you

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