Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wondering, Wishes, And Such


Wondering, Wishes, And Such

I often wonder to myself
Never aloud
or maybe the wondering
is more like wishing
and to do it aloud
would somehow jinx it
so I keep it all tucked away
whispers in my head
Please, oh please
Hoping the silence
creates magic
and one day I will wake up
and it won't even cross my mind
not once

Angela Minard 2


Wanda's Wings said...

I believe that day will come for you,

Ann said...

This is lovely. I also tend to do a lot of wishing inside my head, never out loud. Maybe that is why none of those dreams ever seem to come true for me.
I hope you find your magic and all your wishes come true.

June_Butterfly said...

Wishes I guess are more magical when they are done silently.In my quiet times,I close my eyes and whisper a wish only my heart would know.

I hope all your wishes come true!

Angela said...

Hi Angela, I am an Angela too, and I stumbled across your name at Mandy Fire Byrd`s.
Oh, I am a believer in wishful thinking, but I have found that my wishes come true easier when the Universe knows about them! So I write them on my magic paper (any old paper, it only gets magic from my wishes) and pretend they had already come true! Very often they DO!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so the reason I am reading and responding today is because on my way to work you where thick in my head and I tried to listen to the words on the radio, but even that would not drowned out the thought of you. I don't know why, but when I saw you, I knew things where not going well. It is crazy to think that we are that connected, but why can't you hold on to my strength? I have wondered this thought more than once. You have things in your life that are greater than me and you fail to see them, so how could I make a difference? How you like those apples? LOL! It appears that you have taught me how to write. BTW, there is a CD in my radio that plays every time I am in the car and every single word of every single song makes me think of you. You are like the angel in my soul, but life has kept us apart. Our gods must have had a plan in mind when they introduced us, but it is evol (love) to keep these two people apart for your sheer enjoyment to watch two people suffer.