Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cycle Of Healing


Art by Jenny Sawle

I'm honored to be a part of a new blog called
The Cycle Of Healing, that was started by Jenny Sawle, Eve Judy, and Heather Jerdee.
It is a place for survivors of any kind of trauma to write, post art and speak out about their lives. Please contact us to become an author and contribute to the blog. Everyone is welcome.

*Note: If you want to submit writings or images anonymously please email them to us at:

"Our experiences and our trauma cannot be the definition of who we are when we are in a like-minded group. Being in the presence of those who share a common bond allows us to become our own people and to realize that the abuse does not define us, it is merely a part of us."

It is possible to speak out and heal from PTSD, the trauma of rape, child sexual abuse, child abuse, incest, physical abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse and neglect.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are joining this; and I mean that in every way. :-)

Much love to you,

Haley said...

Hey Angela,
sorry for my absence for a while.
It's great that you're using your experiences to help others. You're an inspiration :)
<3 Haley