Sunday, July 10, 2011

My mom is here, and we have already probably done too much shopping. I say probably, because you can never do too much shopping:) The only thing is that I can't even say that I like something or say it's cute because my mom will buy it for me. I'm not complaining at all, but it isn't necessary for us to have fun. My parents definitely spoil me! My step dad will be here soon. He will think I'm sucking up when I say this because he reads my blog, but I can't wait to see him. We have always gotten along well, and I think of him as my biological dad. He makes me laugh:-D
I'm still having a hard time eating. I don't have any appetite at all, and nothing sounds good. As much as I've always restricted, I've still always loved food. My mom is good about not pressuring me to eat. I'm still doing some dinner, and physically I feel fine. That only reinforces that I really don't need that much food. I'm still doing yoga everyday. It is my 4th month, and my balance and focus is improving, along with my muscle tone and flexability. It is one of my most favorite things.
Well, I'm off for some more shopping. My mom likes to stay busy! Hope everyone has enjoyed the weekend, and has a great week!


Just me said...

Glad you're getting to spend some great time with your parents! :) xx

Wanda's Wings said...

Vacation is a wonderful time for family.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I really miss you today too. We need to talk soon. Love you.


Eve said...

Angela, I love your honesty. I know what you mean about not even being able to say that something is cute without your mom buying it for you. Mine does that too. And I am so glad for the relationship that you have with your step dad. I remember you telling us about him when we were there to visit. It is so good that you have him too. I hope that even if you are not hungry, you can eat something of value to keep your strength up. I think that in a few more months, you will BE a yoga instructor! I serioulsy saw you leading a class and helping others love their bodies. Angela, your freedom is at the door! I believe that with my whole heart! I know that you are going to conquer this and be helping others in a way that you can actually enjoy fully! Who knows right? Maybe you'll have your own studio:)
love to you today! Enjoy your family:)

Lily said...

Enjoy this time with your parents! It sounds like they are a wonderful support system for you :)

I Hate to Weight said...

your family is lovely. so glad you are enjoying.

hope you are eating enough to nourish your body.

it's always confusing to me -- what's the right amount to eat. am i hungry, am i not, do i need to eat anyway, should i completely listen to my body.........?

ahhhhhhhhhhhh. be well