Friday, August 12, 2011


Today was my first day back at work. I have the same placement as last year, which is good. Change can be difficult for me, whether good or bad. I'm working with a 7th grader, and then I will be in an autism classroom with kindergarten/1st graders, which is fun and also can be exhausting.
I will miss my morning yoga classes, and will have to move back to evenings, but that is okay. I plan on getting up early enough to do a little bit before I go to work like I did this morning. I'm addicted! I've even taken to burning incense at home to recreate the yoga studio atmosphere. It calms me...what can I say:) I can't thank my parents enough for giving me the opportunity to take classes. It really has helped me so much with peace of mind and setting intentions for each day. I'm intent on healing, on being a better person, accepting things that I cannot change, and gratitude for what I have. I feel so much better inhabiting this body that I have been given, and treating it with more respect than I ever have before. That is not to say that I'm not still struggling, because everyday I have a fight with myself over eating. Should I, shouldn't I, what, when, etc... It drives me crazy. I do worry about my weight, and get stuck on wanting to lose more, but it's not quite the obsession that it used to be. I want to say that I have every hope of recovering, but as my nutritionist likes to say, "Hope doesn't make it happen." I have to believe in myself to make it happen, and I do believe that I will.


Anonymous said...

One day I will be able to do the samething! You are very strong and I admire you for that!

Dylan said...

I love those last few sentences!
Hope everything goes well!

Sairs said...

I believe that you will too. I have found after my awful start to the year this year, that I am just getting back to what I was before, happy and believing in myself. I think it's awesome that you 'believe' you will make this happen. I think that's half the battle, because if you don't believe it, how can you convince others of the same. You CAN do it :)

Just me said...


Eve said...

"And I do believe that I will."
YES! Angela! YES!
I love you!

Heather Jerdee said...

I believe in you Angela. I eventually might have to look into some Yoga classes they sound like such a healing experience.