Monday, August 29, 2011

What A Concept

I had a lovely weekend, and although I didn't want it to end, so far, my Monday has been great. I haven't been hit, kicked, bit, yelled at, or spit on, so I'm definitely not complaining. For all of my whining, I'm very thankful to even have a job!
I'm doing really well when it comes to eating. I'm getting used to the small snacks, and I'm never hungry or too full. Being full upsets me, but for some reason now, being hungry is just as anxiety provoking. This surprises me, because I used to thrive on the empty, numb feeling that hunger provided. I'm excited to see my nutritionist so I can update her on my progress. I also want to see if my weight has changed even though I'm eating more. My clothes feel the same, so I think I'm good, but I want proof. Of course, if I've gained, that will be entirely another thing. It would be so wonderful to be able to stop seeing my nutritionist, or at least move to once a month visits. Thinking that one day I will be better is a concept that has always been difficult for me to grasp. The idea is starting to sink in that recovery is possible for me. It has been a long time coming!


Just me said...

Sounds like you are WELL on your way to recovery - go you!!!

Wanda's Wings said...

Good for you Angela. You have really made progress.

Heather Jerdee said...

This was really good to read Angela, you are doing such good work for yourself love you Heather

Veronica Messegee said...

And for me....not feeling full terrified me.

It's amazing what we do to ourselves.