Friday, October 28, 2011

When You Are Away

When You Are Away

Your talk of horses comforts me
I imagine you riding along trails
The rhythmic beating of hooves
kicking dust into the wind
Your mind wandering
far away

Inside my head
I'm curled up on your sofa
cocooned within your four walls
The daylight fades
It always feels like winter

Maybe I will tell you
I dream of death
and my snow covered grave
I will try to hide the fact
that for a moment
I want to smile

You hold the reigns
speaking gently
I can hear your voice
from a distance
I feel the joyful pulsing
of your heart
as you ride away.

Angela Minard 2011©


Wanda's Wings said...

Very peaceful. You write so well.

John Buchanan said...

Angela, this is a lovely piece of poetry. I would urge you to consider the use of the word "of" in the first line of the second verse, I think it spoils the verse. once again for sharing your work with us, I really enjoy reading it.

Angela said...

Thanks, John. I agree with your suggestion, and thanks for drawing my attention to it. Take care:)

John C Buchanan said...

So much better. Thanks.