Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Explaining Dissociation

I'm feeling better after a rough day of dissociation this weekend, and a trigger that brought on a memory. It is a memory that I have often written about here, but I decided to post it on the Cycle Of Healing blog instead. Who knew that shopping for mattresses would be a trigger, but something was said about stains on a mattress, and I figured out that was the trigger. Sometimes I can't figure it out, which frustrates me. I called my therapist at some point, but don't remember calling her. The loss of memory, but being able to function is such a strange feeling, and one that brings on shame. I slept it off, but was exhausted on Monday. Today was okay besides being distracted by some racing thoughts. I'm getting ready for my yoga class, which I think will help me to be more connected and grounded to myself. I belong to a dissociation group on Facebook, and that combates the lonliness that I feel. I want other people suffering from this disorder not to feel so alone, which is why I sometimes write about it here. Dissociation is not only Multiple Personality Disorder. The type that I have is characterized by a“psychogenic fugue” (memory loss characteristic of amnesia, loss of one’s identity, and fleeing from one’s home environment. That is a run down, and I hope that I helped to explain it. Well, that is it for now...moving forward from here.


Worth-Waiting-For said...

Dissociation symptoms can be so frustrating and just down right unnerving. I am sorry that you had a bad weekend, but I am glad that things are looking up now. I hope that your yoga class helps in making you feel more grounded and alleviating some of the discomfort caused by the trigger/dissociation.