Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Your Hands

Artwork~ Alfonso Simonetti (Italian, 1840-1892)
“Ancor Non Torna (And She Never Returned)”

Your Hands

I must have left the pulsing of my heart
throbbing in your hands
An empty hole in the hollow of my chest
a dark, cavernous space covered with bone and flesh

I must have left my soul
in the dark of your dreams
Do I haunt the night?
Do you hear the steady beat pounding in your ears?
In my mind I whisper your name
but you will never find me again

I'm not lost
I pass by, and you are so close
I could almost reach out to touch you
Your eyes so empty without me
no more will I answer
You have broken what was left

throbbing in your hands

Angela Minard 2012©